Epoxy Coatings

A seamless Floor with an integral cove base is by far, the preferred method for ease of maintenance of floor and highly recommended by environmental health code. All Integral 100mm or 150mm coved bases are finished with termination strips to create a nice & clean finish. All systems can be applied with a different degree of Anti-slip finishes. Most epoxies today are 100 % solid and solvent-free. The best epoxies are 2 component, and can be applied at different thickness depending on your work environment conditions. Epoxy floors are economical flooring systems, they offer aesthetics, durability, chemical & wear resistance surfaces.

Where to Use

  • Institutional building
  • Recreational complexes
  • Storage and logistic areas
  • Wet and dry processing areas
  • Light to medium duty manufacturing areas
  • Theaters
  • Food service areas
  • Commercial and industrial facilities
  • Clean rooms and sanitary areas


  • Good Mechanical and chemical Resistance
  • Glossy aesthetic finish
  • Durable, impermeable and seamless
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Does not support growth of bacteria or fungus

Epoxy Coatings Color Charts

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