Polyurethanes are usually applied as a top coat for epoxy. It provides a hard yet flexible film with out-standing resistance to weathering, abrasion and yellowing. Polyurethanes provide a high gloss finish and increase the lighting in a building. Polyurethanes are also available in satin finish. Available in decorative colours.

Where to Use

  • Used as a protective coating for surfaces exposed to weather, chemical, high abrasion and corrosive environments
  • Use where a high gloss and colour retention is needed


  • High resistance to abrasion and yellowing
  • Good chemical resistance such as alkaline, solvents and moderate strength acids
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hard yet flexible film
  • Excellent mar properties
  • High gloss and color retention on exterior surfaces
  • Ultraviolet light resistance coat
  • Good stain resistance
  • Impermeable

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